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We find them not only arrogant by also poor trying to look rich. I never understand why some gringo would ever visit, so much better places to see, and safer places. For the rest of you comment I have to totally disagree, first because Brazil is distant hence the small number of tourists while Mexico is just beside Usa. Second, I have met hundreds or thousands of Argentinians, never met one that I did not like. They are much more friendly than North Americans, maybe because we are more similar to them? Then you talk about culture, any other country in American continent more culturally rich than Brazil?

Although I could understand most of what was being said, I didn’t have the confidence to join in the conversation too much. I remember thinking what a good looking bunch of people. The conversation got round to what they were doing in their daily exercise routine to improve certain areas of the body.

  • Ways to Get AroundBrowse the various transportation options to make your trip that much easier when you arrive.
  • Armed assaults rarely happen in places such as Ipanema and Copacabana during the day; mostly, the thieves are opportunists and are looking for an easy robbery.
  • We spent a lot of last year in the Balkans where people come across as a bit rougher.

You should know that hot Rio girls often tan and hang out in groups rather than alone, so you need to be prepared to approach a group of girls. If you’d rather approach them one-on-one, you’re better off trying the shopping malls or in the city streets.

The beaches will be prominent in that one as well, plus there are more than enough romantic restaurants, bars, and fun casual day activities to choose from to do on a date. We will save them for the end and this guide will begin with the top nightclubs, samba bars, and singles bars in the city. Most guys prefer to pick up women after dark so the nightlife is the obvious starting point. This thesis explores the way that experiences of citizenship are specifically shaped at the city level in urbanized environments. The way that people navigate the city is often contingent upon varying degrees of access and justice in different areas of life activity. I argue that access to citizenship is as much an economic endeavor as it is a civic endeavor. Rio de Janeiro girls don’t go topless at the city’s beaches.

When it comes to bathing suit fashion for Rio de Janeiro girls, bikinis are certainly prevalent. The typical Rio de Janeiro bikini is small, and it’s not uncommon to see thongs in throngs. In May 2010, Catalytic Communities launched what was originally Rio Olympics Neighborhood Watch , a program to bring visibility to favela community voices in the lead-up to the 2016 Rio Olympics. This news site,, grew into a much-needed and unique reference featuring favela perspectives on the urban transformation of Rio. Support RioOnWatch’s tireless, critical and cutting-edge hyperlocal journalism, online community organizing meetings, and direct support to favelasby clicking here. 8M, as the date is known, is a moment of celebration but, above all, of struggle. Violence, unemployment and hunger affect women unequally—particularly black, indigenous and LGBTQIA+ women.

It’s a cultural thing, they’re kind of bad humored, and you just can know the kindness after a while or more. Well, Im brazilian, I think that cariocas are not so polite. But its Hard to say about People while you talk about a big country and you visited a few places.

How Safe Is Rio de Janeiro for Travel?

I can see how blending in would overcome a lot of the feelings of sticking out that I felt. The way you describe it sounds pretty good 🙂 The previous commenter had also mentioned that they enjoyed Brazil much more the 2nd time around after having learned a bit of Portuguese. I’m brazilian, use to travel around as much as possible and unfortunately have to agree with you. Rio has one of the most beautiful views In the world but their people has no preparation to receive foreigners and tourists. The other side, as a brazilian again, I know the idea of happy and smiling brazilians are not real, specially in Rio.

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[, to prevent drug trafficking, gang violence and to also address the epidemic of violence against women and girls in the favelas. Launched in June 2011 as part at this source of the Safe Cities initiative, the “Safe and SustainableCities for All” Joint Programme is a five-year endeavour in eight cities, including Rio de Janeiro. It seeks to increase safety, prevent and reduce violence, including sexual violence and harassment, and mobilize and empower women’s groups, youth and children’s advocates to shape their urban environment. Belmontein Copacabana is a classic Brazilian bar serving traditional Brazilian food and snacks accompanied with extra chilled beers, just like the locals love them. The friendly atmosphere makes it a fun spot for solo travelers to mingle or simply people-watch. One of the best snacks on the menu is theempanadas– open-topped pies – with the dried meat or prawn and cheese ones the most popular. Canastrain Ipanema is a French-owned bar that serves the best national wine and cheese in town and is packed every night with an equal mix of Brazilians and foreigners.

The downside to staying in the safer touristy areas are that they are a lot more expensive. Everything will cost more and finding cheap hotels will not be easy at all. Plus many hotels won’t allow you to have a female guest unless you pay extra. These aren’t exactly budget friendly and if you wanted a cheap date this isn’t exactly the right area. However you can find an affordable meal around if you look for it. A pretty good cheaper date spot would be The Bar Surfshop in Copacabana at R.

Thank you Eduarda for taking the time to comment. I think most Brazilians don’t have a reference point – but I think someone who’s lived in North America will, like you say, feel a bit of culture shock coming to Brazil. I can only base it on our travel experience and it might not be 100% accurate because so much of an experience depends on the people you meet on a short trip. So it’s great to hear from someone who actually lives there day to day. I normally do not reply on blog posts; but after reading your comments about Rio de Janeiro, I felt compelled to respond. Your first mistake was staying in Ipanema (the entire place is a tourist cesspool and there are plenty of other neighborhoods equally as “safe” in Rio). And judging the entirety of the state of California based on interactions with people from that city.

Rio de Janeiro, the second-largest city in Brazil, has been one of the most popular tourist destinations for decades. Promundo and other civil society organizations were instrumental in pressuring the Brazilian government to update policies in ways that advance gender equality. Over 18,000 employers registered with PEC and implemented its policies. Printed In the U.S.A with safe water-based inks. Easy care; machine wash cold inside out with similar colors, tumble dry low, . Russia, Montenegro, Poland, Sweden, Portugal, Australia… all those places can proporcionate different kind of experiences, depending on who you meet on the right places, on the right time. And people from rich hotels are NOT more friendly than poor hotels, understand this.

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